Dan Cadol

Dan&Abby_Gila1Dan Cadol
Associate Professor of Hydrology

Research Group Website: Watershed Research at NMT
CV: Cadol_CV
Interests: Riparian ecohydrology and ecohydraulics, wildfire hydrology and geomorphology, arid region geomorphology, large woody debris, tidal marsh morphodynamics.
I am a hydrologist with research interests at the intersection between ecosystems and the hydrological cycle. This includes the study of the hydraulic effects of vegetation in flow, sedimentation and scour around vegetation, controls on the rate and temporal distribution of water extraction and use by plants by means of evapotranspiration, and the transport and fate of vegetative material such as large woody debris and post-fire debris within the fluvial network. It is easy to observe that the distribution of vegetation is largely controlled by the distribution and flow of water; plants need water to live. Less obvious, but equally fascinating, are the ways that vegetation turns around and alters the distribution and flow of water. The resultant feedback mechanisms between the two, as vegetation alters its environment and either limits or promotes its own opportunities for expansion, can lead to the emergence of complex, and sometimes counterintuitive, behaviors and landforms. As we work to make the most of the limited water available in semi-arid regions, ecohydrology can provide a fresh perspective on habitats, sustainability, and the potential for conservation.