FacultyResearch InterestsClasses Taught
Daniel Cadol

Associate Professor of Hydrology

Daniel.Cadol at nmt.edu

PhD & MS, Colorado State University, 2010, 2006; BS, Whitman College, WA, 2003
Ecohydrology, Ecohydraulics, Sediment Transport, Wildfire HydrologyHydrologic Theory and Field Methods (ERTH 440); Watershed Dynamics and Ecohydrology (HYD 513); Earth Surface Processes (ERTH 202); Water Resources Management (HYD 541); Hillslope Processes (HYD 542)
Jesus Gomez-Velez

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

Jesus.GomezVelez at nmt.edu

PhD, MS, & MS, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, 2013, 2017, 2008; BS, National University of Colombia at Medellin, 2005
Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions, Hydrogeology, Watershed Hydrology, Analytical and Numerical Modeling, Data Mining and Assimilation Flow & Transport in Hydrologic Systems (HYD 508), Data-driven Modeling in Science and Engineering (HYD 520), Tracers in Hydrology (HYD 558)
Jan Hendrickx

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

Jan.Hendrickx at nmt.edu

PhD, New Mexico State University, 1984; MS & BS, Agricultural University of Wagenigen, The Netherlands
Vadose Zone Hydrology, Remote Sensing
Andrew Luhmann

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

Andrew.Luhmann at nmt.edu

PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2011; BS, Wheaton College, IL, 2006
Karst Hydrogeology, Aqueous Geochemistry, Fluid-Rock Interaction, Geologic Carbon SequestrationCave and Karst Systems (ERTH 450 / GEOL 550(D) / GEOC 550 / HYD 550(D)), Groundwater Hydrology (ERTH 411(D) / HYD 511(D)), Hydrogeochemistry (CHEM 431 / CHEM 531 / ERTH 407 / GEOC 507 / HYD 507(D))
Deqiang Mao

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

Deqiang.Mao at nmt.edu

PhD, University of Arizona, 2012; MS, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), 2007; BS, China University of Mining and Technology, 2004
Hydrogeophysics, Inversion Modeling, Aquifer Characterization, High Performance ComputingContaminant Hydrology (HYD 546), Vadose Zone Hydrology (HYD 514)
Mark Person

Professor of Hydrology
Hydrology Program Head

Mark.Person at nmt.edu

PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 1990; MS, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, 1984; BA, Franklin & Marshall College, 1980
Paleohydrogeology, The Role of Groundwater in Geologic Processes, Numerical Modeling of Hydrothermal SystemsQuantitative Methods (HYD 510), Hydrologic Modeling (HYD 547), Fluids in the Earth’s Crust (HYD 516)
Fred Phillips

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

Fred.Phillips at nmt.edu

PhD, University of Arizona, 1981; BA, University of California, Santa Cruz
Environmental Tracers in Hydrological Systems, Groundwater Recharge, Groundwater Residence Time, Runoff Generation Processes, Quaternary Paleoclimate, Tectonic Geomorphology, Cosmogenic Nuclides for Geochronolgy and GeomorphologyGlobal Climate Change: Origins and Impacts (ERTH 340), Scientific Method in Earth Science (GEOC 572 / GEOL 572 / GEOP 572 / HYD 572)
John Wilson

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

John.Wilson at nmt.edu

PhD, CE, & MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974; BS, Georgia Institute of Technology
Flow and Transport in Permeable Media, Groundwater Hydrology, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Stream-Aquifer Interaction, Mountain Hydrology, Fluid Flow in Caves and Karst, Mathematical Modeling